Our Inspection and Testing

Our Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing will be carried out for all the products in accordance with Quality Assurance Plan. These will be carried out in 3 stages as follows :

Raw Material Inspection:

It is carried out on receipt of raw material at works. Also samples will be taken from each heat and given to NABL Lab for Chemical Analysis which will be normally done for all grade of steel. Raw material will be issued for production only after confirming the Chemical specifications from NABL Lab and quenched hardness.

In-Process (Forging) Inspection:

We do 1st half inspection of all the dimensions.

  1. We do hourly online SPC for KFC dimensions.
  2. Visual Inpection for other dimension, any visual defects and process control parameters will be checked and recorded

Final Inspection:

All the Forged products will undergo

  1. 100 % Magnetic Particle Inspection to ensure it is free from any harmful surface cracks.
  2. 100% Visual Inspection for any forging defects
  3. 100% Eddy current inspection to check specified hardness within the range

After successful completion of product inspection activities, products are dipped in Rust Preventive Oil, packed as per standard packing methods and kept ready for despatch.