The facility is supported by well-equipped and modern Tool Room, Standard Room, Metallurgical Lab and Design & Process facilities. These facilities take manufacturing standards to levels of excellence.

ForgePro includes facilities such as:

Forging Facility

Our Forging equipment lines are from LASCO Umformtechnik works Coburg Germany. These hammers are Fully PLC Hydraulic Die Forging equipment which is a new technology for forging, Lasco equipments are Programmable, High Production Efficient, Precision Forging, Multi cavity forging ,Energy Saving, Environmental friendly and Reliable Performance for mass production quantity.

Tool and Die Manufacturing

The company has a Die Shop wherein the required Dies & Tools are manufactured In-house, equipped with CNC Milling Machine & other supporting machineries.

Design and Engineering

Engineers use CAM software "Uni Graphics-NX 7.5" to create 3D models of parts and generate NC tool paths. This allows for high-speed die cutting and reduces turnaround time in die manufacturing.

Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing will be carried out for all the products in accordance with Quality Assurance Plan. These will be carried out in 3 stages as follows :

Raw Material Inspection

In-Process (Forging) Inspection

Final Inspection

Packing and Logistics.

All products are packed in VCI Bags in either fumigated wooden boxes or reusable mesh palletainers.ForgePro's logistics management plans, implements and controls the forward and inward flow and storage of goods to meet customer requirements.

Heat Treatment & Machining Facility

We have in-house Normalizing Continuous Furnace with a capacity of 150 Kg/Hr.

We do have in-house facility for Machining Process.